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A family owned and operated business serving the Chicagoland area since 1972.

A Quality Service Crafted Over Generations

Since 1972 day and night Stark Sanitary Service has and will continue to provide an unmatched service. Our state of the art waste hauling equipment ensures a safe clean removal and transport to world class water treatment facilities every time.

Our family owned and operated team of waste water specialists have a vast array of septic tank, leach field and septic system care knowledge they are more than happy to share.

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To Maintain System Structure and Avoid Major Issues, Follow These Tips.

  1. Don’t install a pool across your septic system.
  2. Don’t install a hot tub across septic system.
  3. Don’t drive heavy machinery or vehicles over your septic tank or field.
  4. Don’t place heavy objects on the system.
  5. Don’t run electrical lines across the system.
  6. Anti-bacterial soaps kill all bacteria. Bacteria is necessary to break down the waste in the system and move the water into the field to dry. Good practice is to use regular soap and if you feel the need to be extra germ free use hand sanitizer it kills the same percent as liquid hand soap %99.9
  7. No! grease down drains. Grease is very bad for your septic system and should be disposed of properly. Disposing of grease in your septic system will leave you with a plugged up mess backing up into the house